1. Excellent points John, I couldn’t agree more. You’ve put your finger on something that had been niggling me at the CETIS conference OER session: that a lot of the information people were suggesting should be provided as metadata, e.g. author, should be there *anyway*, whether you have metadata or not. So the question needs to be: if they’re there anyway, do you need them in the metadata? Thanks, this clarifies things a lot.


  2. […] It’s also useful for projects to be aware that once OERs are released they can easily become separated from their metadata descriptions, if this information is recorded in an associated file. Consequently projects are encouraged to consider embedding relevant descriptive information within the open educational resource where practicable. For further discussion of this approach see Open Educational resources, metadata and self description. […]


  3. […] the title, author, date etc. Putting this information into the resource isn’t rocket science, it’s just good practice. To convert this information into metadata it needs to be encoded in such a way that a machine can […]


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