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  1. thanks for flagging that our site’s “about page” link to the relevant youtube video has moved again – maintaining links continue to pose a constant tease, and am happy to confirm that this broken link at least has now been updated to reflect the new url for the same youtube video (for the time being at least)

    btw, latest community-generated description of our own site based on the Data Audit Framework Methodology (being piloted by the Digital Curation Centre’s 101 Workshop series) was offered earlier this week along the lines of “Pre-selected record of anonymised policy-related debate, presented as a WordPress Gallery” on the subject of “Online activity, community engagement and policy-making”, with ID of “” and title “WHiSPeRiNG GaLLeRY” for completeness to date

    in particular, in our experience, data management and repository development efforts continue to find ways of co-evolving in tandem,literally as we speak – as such, here’s thanking you also for the timely dev8D tweets which were originally published during the event itself and have since been echoed in homage on our “related about page” at, in this case literally helping our sibling communities to inform policy-related decisions being taken in practice

    perhaps there is hope for us all yet :o)


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