Notes from the web: OER platforms and news

Photograph of Richmond Beach in WA, blue skies, logs on beach, view towards coastal railway line and houses on bluff

A winter's day at Richmond Beach

A quick round up of some posts I’ve read in the past few days.

OER developments in WA

There is a bill under discussion in the WA state legislature to require course content developed with state funding to be made available under an open licence. It’s far from passing but that a government body which funds about half a dozen universities [?] and numerous community colleges is debating this idea is a big step forward.
More detailed coverage of the bill is available on Tom Caswell’s blog and on Cable Green’s blog.

Scott Leslie vs the Open Textbook platform

Scott’s working his way through a series of posts exploring different options for authoring open textbooks. So far he’s written a prelude, taken on mediawiki, and wordpress & pressbooks. I hope there’s more to come – he’s presenting in elluminate tomorrow Feb 7th at 1:30 PDT/ (PST surely?); 9:30pm GMT (link in the wordpress post).

Needless to say the photograph has little to do with the post apart form the fact that it’s in WA and Victoria is vaguely over the north west horizon in that photo.

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