Nicholas Morin “Engineers Crashing Our Gates”

Nicholas Morin “Engineers Crashing Our Gates” (Via Roy Tennant and Chris Rusbridge)

Some highlights from this post about, change, librarianship, and innovation/disruption:

“We’re the nice guys, the not-for-profits, we’re working for the common good, we’re small, we’re poor… but we nevertheless are members of the incumbent class.”
“I use the Barbarians analogy because in my view, the danger is not that they’re better than us at playing the same game, the danger is that they’re playing a whole different game, they don’t have the same culture, they don’t speak the same language.”
“Libraries and librarians come from a culture of compromise; Engineers come from a culture of problem solving.”

The library specific comments are thought provoking but it’s interesting to consider how aspects of this reflection apply to educational institutions more widely. There are some crucial differences in how scarcity applies to information services and education services (and is disrupted) but getting too comfortable in those differences might be a mistake. Go read the post

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