6th Sloan C Emerging Technologies for Online Learning cfp #et4online

The 6th Sloan C Emerging Technologies for Online Learning International Symposium has just launched their call for presentations:


The conference is April 9-11, 2013 in Las Vegas. The call for presentations, posters, and workshops closes December 10th.

“The Emerging Technologies for Online Learning International Symposium, a joint Symposium of Sloan Consortium and MERLOT, is designed to bring together individuals interested in the review and evaluation of emerging technologies’ impact on online teaching and learning. We seek interactive sessions that engage and inform participants. Presenters and facilitators from the following areas are encouraged to submit proposals:

  • Higher Education and K-12 Faculty
  • Future professors and graduate students
  • Educational technology leaders
  • Students
  • Instructional designers
  • Instructional technologists
  • Academic administrators

Proposed sessions can be targeted to all attendees or novice, intermediate, or expert levels of proficiency.”

There are a number of tracks outlined in the call in the areas of: “Learning Spaces and Communities, Open and Accessible Learning, Evidence-based Learning, Faculty and Student Development, Innovative Media and Tools”

“ET4Online seeks submissions which emphasize evidence-based practice and the impact of topic tracks on teaching practices and student learning outcomes using a range of research methodologies (e.g. case study, longitudinal comparisons, within group comparisons, quasi-experimental, etc.) and rigorous approaches to the analysis of supporting data, qualitative or quantitative.”

I’d like to draw attention to the Open and Accessible Learning track:

This track will explore three key issues in online and blended learning: openness, accessibility, and affordability. It invites papers which share evidence and practice through discussion of these issues in relation to Open Educational Resources, OpenCourseWare, Open Textbooks, MOOCs, Open Practice or relevant topics of your choice. This year a focus on the impact of these issues and topics on the learner’s experience is encouraged. Suggestions include:

  • Which emerging open practices work in everyday instruction? How open is open?
  • What evidence-based practices exist concerning the inventive uses of open content or open content adoption to improve outcomes in learning, accessibility, affordability, faculty satisfaction, or student satisfaction?
  • What tools do we have to evaluate the sustainable impact of emerging trends in openness, accessibility, and affordability?
  • What benefits, risks, and costs are there for an institution in using open content?
  • What emerging practices or technologies can make credentialed education more affordable today?

Please note, it is the intent of this track to have a balanced program to promote the discussion of how these three issues intersect.

[disclosure: I’m the track chair, so have a vested interest in promoting this, i.e. I want to hear what you’ve been doing and have a realistic and useful conversation with you all about what is happening and how we build on our success and failures thus far and help improve open, accessible, and affordable learning; also note that we’re hoping to *flip* the conference somewhat so that, beyond hearing what each other has been up to we can engage with each others work in a hopefully more substantive manner ]


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