October UW LTDC and Site Admin Meeting: part 1

At the beginning of the week I was able to go a long with my colleagues ¬†Kerry Huberty (our LTDC [Learning Technology Development Council, http://www.uwsa.edu/olit/ltdc/¬†] ) representative, Sarah Bradway (our d2L Site Admin) to their biannual UW System face to face meetings. This time round we were hosted by UW Whitewater. For me the meetings were a great chance to find out more about the wider UW network of schools, to begin to get to know more colleagues, and keep working on my internal mental shift (roughly from experiment to implement) and I’m grateful to have been invited along.

At the LTDC meeting on day 1, I was able to share a little of what we’re doing at UW Oshkosh around ePortfolios and some of the ongoing processes and questions we’re exploring. In response I had a number of useful suggestions and possible connections with the work and experience of others in the UW system which we hope to follow up on in time. I’ll write up some more of my experience of the days in a subsequent post but just now I wanted to share my slides for reference.


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