UW Oshkosh Provost’s Summit 2012

  1. KavuBob
    Provost’s Summit @uwoshkosh Civic Engagement reception and posters before Paul Loeb’s talk #uwousp http://pic.twitter.com/Eqsc04EL

    Mon, Oct 22 2012 14:59:02
  2. With apologies for the erratic photography, here are the posters from the event
  3. KavuBob
    UWO Provost’s Summit on Teaching &Learning looking at Civic Engagement kicking off with a welcome &overview of week from Provost Lane Earns.

    Mon, Oct 22 2012 16:02:20
  4. KavuBob
    Chancellor Wells announcing a new student ambassador initiative for the new USP program #uwousp

    Mon, Oct 22 2012 16:04:59
  5. KavuBob
    #uwousp Keynote Paul Loeb (The Soul of a Citizen), talking about how we, as human beings, can respond to the challenges we face in society

    Mon, Oct 22 2012 16:08:01
  6. KavuBob
    #uwousp Loeb: one of the key models of civic engagement is that you need to jump in and start, you don’t know everything before you start

    Mon, Oct 22 2012 16:10:57
  7. KavuBob
    #uwousp Loeb: Many giants of history involved in communities, none knew everything. 1st lesson of social change you have to act with others

    Mon, Oct 22 2012 16:15:21
  8. KavuBob
    #uwousp Loeb: 2nd lesson intentionality. A practically grounded granular, prepared & planned approach to change. Can’t know what will happen

    Mon, Oct 22 2012 16:18:22
  9. KavuBob
    #uwousp Loeb: after planning you still need an Act of ‘faith’/ hope that situations can change but change based on planning.

    Mon, Oct 22 2012 16:19:43
  10. KavuBob
    #uwousp Loeb: also needs 3rd factor of persistence, Rosa Parks could have quit NAACP after ten years and we wouldn’t have heard of her.

    Mon, Oct 22 2012 16:21:16
  11. KavuBob
    #uwousp Loeb: relating stories of unlikely change agents & the wider unforeseeable impact of formative conversations & experiences.

    Mon, Oct 22 2012 16:32:02
  12. KavuBob
    #uwousp Loeb: politics & civic engagement-get involved, check the facts & candidate’s positions http://www.uwosh.edu/adp make your mind up &vote

    Mon, Oct 22 2012 16:39:33
  13. KavuBob
    #uwousp Loeb: quoting a 102yr old PNW activist: ‘you can’t do everything, but you do what you can, then you do some more’

    Mon, Oct 22 2012 16:49:20
  14. KavuBob
    #uwousp Loeb: Observing Desmond Tutu’s ability to persevere in difficulty grounded in ‘remembering to laugh’ & ‘enjoying every moment’

    Mon, Oct 22 2012 17:00:26
  15. KavuBob
    #uwousp Loeb: Q: How to promote engagement? A: Note implications & points of contact; tell the stories of community & your involvement

    Mon, Oct 22 2012 17:05:17
  16. Day2 UWO Provost’s Summit: Global Connections and Civic Engagement
  17. KavuBob
    UWO Provost’s Summit day 2 #uwousp Global Connections and Civic Engagement Showcase. Students sharing their experience & learning.

    Tue, Oct 23 2012 09:45:00
  18. KavuBob
    #uwousp ML: International &national service aligned with learning outcomes; Trip focus: social justice; location; take home value for campus

    Tue, Oct 23 2012 09:52:21
  19. KavuBob
    #uwousp Alternative Spring Break: Guatemalan project working with coffee farmers, fair trade, role of community & long term school building

    Tue, Oct 23 2012 10:04:47
  20. KavuBob
    #uwousp Alternative Spring Break: Washington DC project- homelessness and hunger; inequality; questioning stereotypes; sharing stories

    Tue, Oct 23 2012 10:07:13
  21. KavuBob
    #uwousp Writing course in Nicaragua: global citizenship needs some understanding of the social, economic, cultural, complex connectedness

    Tue, Oct 23 2012 10:13:31
  22. KavuBob
    #uwousp Nicaraguan writing course: preparation involves skills field notes, journal, reflect critically, consider cultural difference

    Tue, Oct 23 2012 10:16:13
  23. KavuBob
    #uwousp Nicaraguan trip focused on connectedness & developing stories of their trip, both to hone skills and also be responsible advocates

    Tue, Oct 23 2012 10:20:18
  24. I omitted many of the details from the event and the student accounts, in part because they wouldn’t translate well to twitter. The passion of the participating students and the impact on their studies was striking but as impressive were the structures and systems in place to support their expereinces and ensure that they brought their experiences back for their wider communities, including UWO.
  25. I was unfortunately unable to attend the SOTL scholars luncheon but I will add a link to the podcast when it’s available.
  26. The next event on Wednesday afternoon was the Community Connection Extravaganza – perhaps the centerpiece of the Summit.
  27. KavuBob
    #uwousp Provost Earns opening Civic Engagement Connection Extravaganza. http://pic.twitter.com/E903YLHB

    Wed, Oct 24 2012 12:16:37
  28. KavuBob
    #uwousp civic engagement building connections: students instructors community partners alumni mentors in new USP (gen ed) required courses

    Wed, Oct 24 2012 12:19:22
  29. What followed was an amazing if somewhat frantic ‘speed-dating’ session between community partner organizations (who are interested in engaging with UWO through providing opportunities for community-based courses) and Faculty (developing courses) and Alums (mentoring students).
  30. KavuBob
    #uwousp Provost’s Summit panel: Democracy, liberal arts, & civic engagement (CE ) Qs 1) why CE? 2) doing vs telling 3) ethics of CE learning

    Thu, Oct 25 2012 13:09:14
  31. KavuBob
    #uwousp Panel: Civic engagement at the heart &purpose of a liberal arts education. Example of Howard Zinn: 2nd thoughts on the 1st amendment

    Thu, Oct 25 2012 13:17:20
  32. KavuBob
    #uwousp Panel: In civic engagement, listening, self-awareness, embracing difference, and speaking for the other are foundational

    Thu, Oct 25 2012 13:21:29
  33. KavuBob
    #uwousp Panel: civic engagement: seeking after the truth, seeking justice. Liberal arts curriculum: about becoming bigger than the self

    Thu, Oct 25 2012 13:25:12
  34. KavuBob
    #uwousp Panel: Q if early formative experiences are critical to developing civic engagement how do you help those without such exp engage?

    Thu, Oct 25 2012 13:28:03
  35. KavuBob
    #uwousp Panel: A. Tell stories of engagement & (in)justice; facilitate opportunities for engagement; explore stories which they do have

    Thu, Oct 25 2012 13:30:18
  36. KavuBob
    #uwousp Panel: topic 2 – Doing vs telling. The education value of ‘field trips’ schools with immigrant populations; border crossings…

    Thu, Oct 25 2012 13:38:47
  37. KavuBob
    #uwousp Panel: on campus projects eg: joining an organization that is alien/other to your experience; volunteering with a local organization

    Thu, Oct 25 2012 13:41:36
  38. KavuBob
    #uwousp Panel: learn from mistakes & develop service learning that fits with community needs and not our expectations. Work with not for.

    Thu, Oct 25 2012 13:45:45
  39. KavuBob
    #uwousp Panel: classroom as forum for civic engagement; one challenge is to help student activists take in class activities seriously

    Thu, Oct 25 2012 13:50:49
  40. KavuBob
    #uwousp Panel: place responsibility in sdt hands; involve sts in planning events; lead (you have expertise); lead by example (be involved)

    Thu, Oct 25 2012 13:56:52
  41. KavuBob
    #uwousp Panel: student engagement, developing rhetorical agency and ‘take a stand’ activity

    Thu, Oct 25 2012 14:03:03
  42. KavuBob
    #uwousp Topic: the ethics of civic engagement learning. One prof’s rule of thumb: take a stand on things not people. Create open environment

    Thu, Oct 25 2012 14:06:06
  43. KavuBob
    #uwousp Panel: balancing role &agency of self in the classroom, practicing what you teach. Create dialogue, be aware of privilege & identity

    Thu, Oct 25 2012 14:16:55
  44. KavuBob
    #uwousp Panel: quote from the floor- “to teach is to be civically engaged”;

    Thu, Oct 25 2012 14:28:12
  45. KavuBob
    #uwousp Panel: (from floor) issue of [tension between building trust &intrinsic intentional disruptiveness of civic engagement to student]

    Thu, Oct 25 2012 14:36:15
  46. KavuBob
    #uwousp Panel: (from floor) Q: how many students are willing & able to disagree with the prof? How do we support & encourage their voice?

    Thu, Oct 25 2012 14:44:01
  47. KavuBob
    #uwousp Panel: (from floor) teaching involves power dynamics, how do you support working with? Learn with? [when you’re also an expert]

    Thu, Oct 25 2012 14:50:29
  48. KavuBob
    #uwousp Panel: (from floor) A. Articulate edu philosophy, outlook & ground rules. Consider how to empower. Value sdt contributions

    Thu, Oct 25 2012 14:53:12

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