Sloan C #et4online Cfp tips: open and accessible track


There’s a free webinar this afternoon offering tips for proposal writing for the Sloan C Emerging Technologies for Online Learning ( Proposal Tips Webinar, Nov 29 3 pm EST ). As a track chair I was asked to think of tips for writing proposals the open, accessible and affordable track.

Here’s the five I came up with:

  • Note the planned balance between accessible, affordable, and open and reflect on how and why or why not each intersects with your topic.
  • Note the encouraged perspective of how these issues impact on the learner’s experience.
  • Ground your presentation in the specifics of experience, data, or underpinning theory.
  • Alongside presenting any successful practice, remember to reflect on and share any difficulties and failure that you have experienced or observed.
  • Open, accessible, and affordable are topics that often provoke strong responses and sweeping statements. Being thought-provoking, inspiring, and challenging is good, but should be directly related to evidence, invite discussion, and suggest or report on real application.

What would you add or change?


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