UW-System Central Regional Conference: Online Teaching, Social Media, ePortfolio, and more

I had the opportunity to attend the UW-System Central Regional Conference last week. I enjoyed the opportunity to meet colleagues, hear something of their work, and share a little about our efforts.

The morning sessions were interesting and the panel session from Julie Zuleger, Jodi Olmsted, and Lawrence Leviton managed to capture something of the challenges and commitment of teaching and taking online courses. In particular thinking about monitoring student engagement, developing expectations of response times to questions and instructor involvement. All three instructors evidenced a significant commitment to being available to their students and all outlined the need to have clearly delineated expression of the required levels of work and engagement throughout their online courses.

In the morning sessions I also got to present about Social Media in Education and a little about our ePortfolio adoption program as part of USP.

I’ve storified some of the tweets from the afternoon which captured some of Rovy Branon’s keynote romp through upcoming innovations (though Storify+wordpress seems to want to link rather than embed today…) [View the story “UW System Central Regional Showcase ” on Storify].

The day ended out with an in depth look at an ePortfolio based French course http://prezi.com/wk-qgotixs9n/e-portfolio-and-self-assessment/ and some groupwork around developing ePortfolio rubrics. The Prezi provdes a useful overview of ePortfolio use in a course and its development alongside competences/ learning objectives, and assessment.


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