Quick note on Webmaker and #teachtheweb

Exploring the Mozilla mooc #teachtheweb and plotting revenge

I had a lot of fun exploring thimble and popcorn for week 1 and creating a quick thimble page and popcorn video + overlay.

See: https://thimble.webmaker.org/p/lrsa/

Now I’m getting around to noticing the #teachtheweb week 2 when Jukesie (Matt Jukes) offers up his remix of my page https://thimble.webmaker.org/p/l7dz/ . Quite epic, though perhaps missing some flashing box adverts  ;-P .

So, maybe I’ve been enculturated but the only possible response to that is ‘it’s on’…

With that in mind, ladies and gents, I offer you the following by response – it’s not as polished as I’d like but hey worth a go…

Cartoon Superhero of Matt Jukes


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