D2L Fusion 2013: D2L news-y stuff

What’s new for D2L? A few short notes for reference from the D2L Fusion conference – or what delights are on the horizon?

  • Product Idea Exchange. As part of initiatives to get greater community input to development priorities D2L have launched a tool a little like Ideascale or Stackexchange. Users and developers can create feature requests
  • National Federation of the Blind Gold certification for the Learning Environment – kudos to D2L for getting this recognition for their work in making their platform more accessible.
  • The Valence API. The API and supporting community really seems to be growing and I’m looking forward to exploring how it might be of use in our ePortfolio work.
  • I didn’t follow totally but Binder seems to be expanding it’s capabilities towards also being a publishing platform.
  • Predictive analytics (Degree Compass). This acquisition is becoming (/is?) now an integrated part of their product line. I’m still a little concerned about a path of least resistance through degrees (some of the best courses I have taken didn’t have my ‘best’ grades) but I appreciate the importance of forewarning and making wise choices.
  • Solution Store – Very shiny! Our site admin is *very* happy to see this. Initially the solution store will provide recipes to integrate other tools and platforms. However, in the slightly longer term it will support ~’one click’ setup of those integrations.
  • Wiggio – acquired for ad hoc social collaboration tools. It’ll be interesting to see how this integrates and whether it is going to function as a tool in its own right or as added features in other tools. I tried using it and it’s getting there and will be useful but is there a tension with discussions or the social side of ePortfolio and does this type of thing need to be in the LMS?
  • Content Templates. Templates for courses, nuff said.
  • Drag and Drop.
  • ePortfolio App – focus on content capture and interaction (not presentations and the like). I’m excited to hear about this but still not sure how some of the social side of the way ePortfolio is going will play out on campuses.
  • Badges – in development. AFAIK Issuer and displayer, OBI compliant I think. Yippee. A potential tie into ePortfolio would be great on many levels. Very little detail on this. It’ll be interesting to see how much of this development is tied into the instructors role and how much D2L attempts to provide automated options via the learning environment, reporting or analytics. Automating aspects of this makes some sense but  I’d want to be very cautious about what we’re measuring and rewarding.

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