Resources about teaching and learning in in History

Some of you know I have a Masters in Church History, so when a question cropped up on twitter about resources around online pedagogy for the discipline of history, I was more than a little interested.

Asking some colleagues here at UW Oshkosh I had a few resources suggested:

and I found some other resources on teaching and learning in history via the (UK) Higher Education Academy’s, now defunct, History Subject Centre which has a very extensive Searchable HEA History Bibliography . The list seems to also being developed by HistorySOTL group.

My impression is, there’s not a lot explicitly written about teaching history online. Most of the conversation about online has to do with using digital/digitized primary sources. It makes sense as primary sources are so central to teaching history but I’d expect a discussion of history specific online pedagogy somewhere*. In a universe in which I have time to read through that bibliography I might find it. That is not this universe at this time** but if you get to read through the bibliography and find something relevant please comment or link!

* After Pace, D., & Middendorf, J. (Eds.). (2004). Decoding the disciplines helping students learn disciplinary ways of thinking (Vol. 98). Jossey-Bass, Higher and Adult Education series. ]

** maybe after this fall…


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