Collaborate vs Hangouts

One of the fun tasks I’ve been working on in the background with some colleagues is to create a ‘This vs That’ flyer to help our users – primarily the *teaching community – evaluate and understand different tools.

On campus we have Blackboard Collaborate integrated with D2L but with our use of Google Apps for Edu we recently added Google Hangouts as well. Both are online video conference tools of a sort – this poster helps you decide what to use for a given purpose or context.

We made this flyer to help with the choice. It’s fairly final but of course it’s possible we missed something – comments, corrections, and reuse welcome (CC: BY, NC, SA).

Comic flyer comparing Google Hangouts and Blackboard Collaborate

Comparing Google Hangouts and Blackboard Collaborate

Edit * teaching community rather than racing community …

Additional note:

By the way for those interested: Kerry and I drew up the comparison text, then I used Comic Life 3 to create the frontpage and passed in onto Amber to pull it together and lay out text in InDesign.