Year in Review: Corridors

Hallway, museum Boijmans-Van Beuningen, Rotterdam.

Hallway, museum Boijmans-Van Beuningen, Rotterdam.

As a semi-serious entry in the round up of the year…

I have an office on a corridor between classrooms and the exit; sometimes loud voices waft into my office from this public space that offer, perhaps a less formal and less considered source of feedback. Here are some quotes from this year:

OH: ‘I really didn’t see much about what it means to be human in the play’ [from later comments the play in question was by Shakespeare]

OH: “I didn’t read the syllabus” .. [Reply] “I barely remember to read those things she posts in D2L”

OH “Have you finished the paper?” “I’ve not started, I haven’t even got the book” “What book?” “I don’t know”

OH “so right when you go into D2L, don’t go into any of your classes go to the bottom left hand side – there’s a link to your ePortfolio” [After months of telling people to get to ePortfolio through a course … but having to add a front page link for other purposes – less clicks wins…]

OH “and I can go and write the fricking reflection, F*****g B******t”

OH “and she said 7-10 pages, I’ve nearly got seven so that should be ok”

OH “I don’t have permanent computer so I save things by emailing them to myself. [conversation continues to then discuss problems with versioning and working on wrong versions] … I’m hoping to get everything consolidated onto a flash drive over the break”

They offer a measure of bittersweet perspective and a mild reality check in the midst of the really positive feedback we’ve been getting about the new courses and program.


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