Year in review: scoops

Ice cream tub with spoon on table beside folder and pens

I’ve been using more this year despite it’s concerning lack of export functionality. It’s easy to use, there’s a reasonable size of user community in ed tech to engage with (follow bookmarks from) and the widget works nicely.

As an end of year exercise I had a look through the past twelve months and tried to pick out what I think I’ll want to read again or think about this time next year. There are plenty of mooc and edu is broken posts that I’m not pulling out- there’s enough people talking about MOOCs this year. I’m also not pulling in stuff from my ed tech snippets or ePortfolio topics I want to primarily focus on things that shape how I think about my work.  

Innovation, Education, and Technology

Image credit: Leigh Jay Temple Flickr CC BY NC SA


One Comment

  1. Thanks for the link! I’m very much trying to continue to develop these thoughts on my blog. I will look forward to continuing the conversation. Happy new year!


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