Year in review: some of the numbers

Numbers without a story are always tricky but as a quantitative part of my review of the year here’s a few of the numbers.

Workshops and training

Offered or participated in:

  • 101 items
  • totaling 174 hrs
  • [edit] of this about 13 hours was student-facing in class time (80% of this was in the last weeks of the semester in response to demand)

This included the ePortfolio and assessment series of workshops, One Session Wonders, the interim and pre-semester courses, and the drop-in ePortfolio labs (the latter were frequently unfrequented but were offered and staffed.)


Offered or participated in: 

  • 148
  • totaling 164.5 hrs

(1-1 support [edit: direct student support was 3 instances; most support was for the teaching community], committee and planning meetings)

Conference and events attended

  • 9
  • 144 hours

(et4online, D2L Fusion, D2L Ignite, UW Bothell ePortfolio symposium and 5 University Wisconsin system events)


1562 emails sent .

Blog stats

107 103 132 231 151 50 148 70 42 69 58 46 1,207

Not the busiest of blogs, but I’ve also not been the a particualrly active blogger this year. what’s interesting though is the most popular post (after the home page) :

top hits of most popular posts on the blog

Most popular posts

In this past year, the post on MCQ, reflection, and ePortfolio from 2012 is about 3 times as popular as any other post. It’s also by far the most popular post that people get to through search terms. Of the posts written this year my write up of ePortfolio news and projects from D2L Fusion is the most popular post.

Slideshare stats

I’ve finally got some of my presentations from this year up onto Slideshare – but have also noticed some missing. Time to rectify that. Slideshare seems to offer a fairly steady stream of traffic.