Twitter walls – reference note

A colleague asked about twitter walls, realizing that I’ve not had to use one for a while I asked twitter for current ‘free’ suggestions – here are some of the responses:

Visible Tweets

fetch every 5 minutes; animated tweet entry
Screenshot of Visible Tweets service
Paid for version available.

Not tested – wanted DM access, profile update, and follow ability – *before* you see or do anything.

Screenshot of Tweetwally twitter wall
Savable version/ url version wanted DM access, and *password* access!

 Screen Shot of Tweetbeam twitter wall
This was a little different – it seems to be interactive wall of tweets with mouse over to display tweet.
Private NC use permitted, other contexts need a license.

Screen Shot of Twubs twitter wall
Asks for various permissions but not asking for DM access or password !

Tweetdeck or Twitter # search

There’s also little reason that the tweet deck app or a twitter search in a browser couldn’t serve as a twitter wall to some extent – Though the limits of this would be that many twitter walls are more aesthetically pleasing if displayed and, perhaps more importantly, that many twitter walls loop past tweets so that there’s always visual movement.


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