tdc ds106 Boardgames – oh dear…

I’ve not had much time to engage with ds106, ds106radio, or the daily create for a while, but Ben’s challenge and CogDog’s MOOCopoly inspired me to dedicate some time to expanding my indesign skills. I’m hoping to follow this up with something slightly more ‘useful’ but this has been an interesting exercise (I’ve begun to figure out how to make cards in indesign, and have got some ideas for ways to make some digital resources more tangible – but that’s another conversation).

Some disclaimers – I’m a little obsessive about boardgames and that’s ok, however it also means that even for a daily create I need something that is playable and potentially enjoyable – either as a simulation or a game. There are plenty of roll and move games out there but very few i’ll play for the more than the social experience. As I’m only beginning to stumble around some ideas for game design proper I’m going to cheat… and retheme an existing game.

Love Letter is an amazing game – for it’s simplicity, value for money, and popularity. It’s designed by Seiji Kanai and published in the US by AEG have a look at for more information. At the risk of promoting consumerist tendencies you should get a copy.

However, it has also spawned a fantastic series of re-themes. Many of which can be seen here – the publisher is pleased by them – but asks that print and play files aren’t posted publicly (before you ask 😉 ). A more thoughtful version of this would think how the integrate / edit / tweak the theme roles a little but as a first pass here’s the DS106 version.

DS106 Love Letter retheme

And an update – I added the abilities to the cards and some custom text which seems to fit nicely. The theme naturally shifts from love letters to trying to get the DS106 Radio stream.
Updated version of DS106



  1. I’m looking forward to playing this one! (Even to printing out the cards, which look gorgeous…)

    Somehow I knew that a nudge in your direction would be appreciated 🙂

    Can’t wait to show Ben… & I’m sure he’ll make up his own games with the cards too.


    1. Well, I need to work on the re-theming a little as it stands we’d be wooing Timmy boy… However, I think that the theme could easily shift to trying to get the ds106 radio stream. I’ve worked up a new version with ability text and the abilities are somewhat accidentally an easy fit for people / theme. I’ll post an updated image later.


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